Woman’s glory in Vedas

(Special on International Women’s Day)

No religion of the world has such a beautiful song of the glory of women as is found in the Vedas. We will prove our statement by giving some examples.

1) Prakashvati like Usha-
Rigveda 7/14/3

O woman worthy of worship! Come to the family and the nation, while unleashing the Arun kantis of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, enlighten the ignorant people through your astonishing virtues. Come to the chariot while doing your twinkling to give happiness to the people.

2) adventuress
Yajurveda 5/10

Hey lady! You recognize yourself. You are a lioness, you are a murderer of enemies in the form of enemies, by creating power within yourself for the benefit of the gods. Hey lady You are about to break like a lioness on the faults of ignorance etc. You purify yourself for the propagation of divine qualities! Hey lady You are going to make misdeeds and misdeeds like a lioness, ornament yourself with divine qualities for the benefit of religious people.

3) Veer Praswa
Rigveda 10/4/3
What kind of child should a woman give to the nation

Our nation should have such a wonderful and yearly child, who is skilled in wielding excellent quality weapons, is well-versed in protecting himself and others, should be leading the right, religion-meaning-work-salvation Purusharth – Bearer of the oceans, be the holder of diverse possessions, be extremely active, praiseworthy, be worthy of many, and be a deterrent to disasters.

4) Vidya Alankrita
Yajurveda 20/4

Vidushi women continue to purify our lives with their education forces. He continued to purify our practices by his actions as a worker. With his superior knowledge and deeds, he settled the Goddess home ashram – Yajna and Jnana – Yajna in the children and disciples.

5) loving mother
Atharveda 4/4/2

Hey dear dear mom! You can be a Mangal Karini for us, you will be a peace-maker for us, you will be a great benefactor for us. May we never be deprived of your grace.

6) Grateful
Atharvaveda 3/26/4

Confirmation is received in this home ashram, juice should be obtained in this home ashram. O Goddess in this Girha Ashram! Donate thousands of nutritious substances like milk and ghee. Hey Yama – housewives who follow the rules! Nourish those cows and animals from which you get nutrients.
Yatra Narayastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Deity:
Yatraitastu na pujyante sarvastatrafala: verb:

In the family in which the worship of women, that is, there is divine virtue, divine enjoyment and good children, and in the family in which there is no worship of women, know that all their actions are fruitless.


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