Winner Who Motivational  Story

The teacher blew the whistle and 50 small boys and boys ran on the school grounds.
Everyone’s goal. Reaching back to the end of the field.

Awards to the first three. The whole race to get at least one of these three places.

The parents of all the children were also present, the enthusiasm was very little.

Reaching the end of the field, when the children ran to return, a loud tone of “all the faster … and faster …” was echoed. The first three children waved their hands happily towards their parents.

Fourth and fifth were more upset, some of their parents also looked angry.

Even his later children, thinking of not getting a prize, left running and started walking.

Soon the race was over and that little girl, who came in at number 5, ran towards her father with an angry face.

Papa went ahead and took his daughter in his lap and said: “Well dun baby, well dun …. Let’s go and eat ice cream somewhere. Which ice cream will our daughter-in-law eat?”

“But Papa, where did my number come from?” The child asked in surprise.

“Aya hai son, the first number has come from yours.”

How come my father, my number 5 came? “The girl said.

“Hey son, how many children were behind you?”

Slightly folded, she said: “45 children.”

“It means you were first ahead of those 45 kids, that’s why you got the prize of ice cream.”

“And 4 children who came before me?” Said the troubled little girl.

“We had no competition this time.”


“Because they had made more preparations. Now we too will practice well again. Next time you will come first in 48 and then after that you will be first in 50.”

“Could it be father?”

“Yes son, it only happens.”

“Then I will come to the forefront by running very fast next time.” The child said with great enthusiasm.

“Why is it so soon son? Let the feet be strong, and we have to get ahead of ourselves, not others.”

The daughter did not understand very well what the father said, but still she said with great confidence: “Yes Papa.” And both of them clapped with one hand.

“Hey now, tell me the ice cream?” Papa said smiling.

Then, filled with a new joy, Pratham’s confidence in 45 children sparkled, the daughter laughing gracefully in Papa’s lap, saying: “I want butterscotch ice cream.”

Should all our parents behave in the same way during the results of their children?

Do consider and make sure that it reaches all the parents.
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