What Will People Say, Motivation Story

This is the story of a girl who is very shy and scared so much that she cannot even talk to anyone properly.
In a small village, there is a girl named Priya, she is a shy girl, so she is not able to speak properly to an unknown person or a distant relative. Priya wants to do something since childhood, she has some dreams. Which she wants to fulfill. But what is the dream, what does she want to do, it is not known to her, but yes she wants to grow up since childhood, like helping the poor, children who cannot go to school. She wants to send to school and more. But to do all this, she wants to grow up to be something because Priya is also the daughter of a poor farmer, then she knows how the children of the poor are able to study through difficult times but Priya does not have so many resources. Is that she can do her studies, she wants to become something that she has dreamed of since her childhood. But what should he do? How should one study? Priya does not know this and she cannot even ask anyone. What she should do to accomplish all this because she is very shy and she is afraid that people will make fun of her, no one will tell her that your dream will never be fulfilled, you dream more than you can be Looking at it, Priya never asks anything to anyone thinking this. Priya goes to school when she is a child, so she is very scared to see other children. When a child spoke something, she could not say anything because of her fear. But Priya is very clever in their studies, she loves to study. When she is at home, she talks very little to her mother and father, she does not talk to anyone on the phone. She thinks that she will never talk to anyone on the phone and Priya does not like going anywhere like parties, garden to roam, etc. Even she plays sports very rarely in her childhood. Another thing is she never wants to travel by bus. Because there are so many people on the bus, she is afraid that no one can make fun of her, Priya loves to study, she spends most of her time in her book and books, that is why the book and the book are her friends. Because she does not talk to most of the children in her school and when she has to ask something, she talks only about the work she needs, even her teacher says that you are something in your life You want to do but you don’t say anything to anyone, why are you so afraid then Priya thinks that I will go ahead and rectify this fear. Priya is very fast in their studies, she always tops in her class. Her best friend is the book. Her father also speaks to Priya about what the son is so afraid of. If you want to do something in your life, then you should come to talk to people, you should go out and see this world so that when you go out somewhere, you can go easily. But Priya says yes in front of their father, she also tries to talk to people. But they are unable to do it. Piya also tried several times but some people started making fun of her. Then I think I go ahead and try to remove my fear. Priya completes her high school studies in her village
And she has to go to another city to do her further studies, which is a small city, then she faces problems because she does not want to go to any city but she wants to study if she wants to fulfill her dreams. Priya has to go to the city, she goes to the city to do her studies and goes there to make some changes in her life because she knows that before changing the world one has to change herself. I have to go ahead and fulfill my dreams, then I should come to talk to people, people should come to explain themselves. Thinking all this, Priya brings some changes in her life, but she is not able to change herself enough to tell others about her. For this reason, she always likes to be alone, she goes to school alone and the children who study alone with her want to talk to Priya but Priya is unable to talk to them. Children speak to Priya, why don’t you say anything. Why does not talk to anyone? After listening to all this, Priya is able to talk to her friends, now some changes have happened in her life, she is now able to talk to her friends and her family, thus Priya completes her schooling. Is from college. Which he has to do in a big city. For him, it is a challenge. She never wants to go to the city, but to fulfill her dreams, she has to go one day and call Priya’s father dear and say daughter, you have never been out of the house alone, talk to anyone properly Neither do you, now you will live alone in the city. You will sit in a bus and go to college. So how will you be able to do all this. Priya says Papa, I want to fulfill my dream which I have seen in my childhood, I will do everything to fulfill that dream, I will be alone, I will learn to walk alone in the city, I will also learn to talk to people, I have to fulfill my dreams. Then Papa says Priya, why are you so afraid, why are you so much ashamed, Priya says, I am afraid that people will not make fun of me, what will people think about me that it does not even speak properly and lasted Change the world. Father, what can I do, I am not able to forget all this I tried hard to change myself. But could not change. Then Papa says why do you think of people what he thinks about you, why do you matter what people think son these are the people who are making fun of you right now and when you succeed you can dream If you complete it then these people will be jealous of your success.
Papa says that daughter, remember one thing always, this life is yours and you have every right that you can live your life on your own, what people will say. Do not think about what you think. Just think of your dream and fulfill it. See, those who are making fun of you right now, will bow before your success one day. Just focus on your dreams. Not on people’s words. Priya’s mind sits on everything, and she goes to the city to study further. Dear is alone in the city. So he feels hard for a few days. Because she is alone in the city and never came out of the house. She makes some changes in herself. She talks to all the kids in college and makes everyone her friend. And she also starts writing a diary because she would write about her every day in her diary and try to rectify the mistake she made the next day. And yes Priya has now started talking to her family on the phone too. Talk to her friends on the phone. Now she has changed, now she can talk to anyone, she can come alone anywhere, Priya is not afraid of anyone, she can talk to anyone without fear and she wants to fulfill her dreams. .

At the end of this story, all I want to say is that if you want to do something in your life, then you should improve yourself before improving others. It is said that there is something to be done in life which also has to be lost. And don’t think why should I change, I don’t want to change, but think who benefits you or people by changing. What about people, they just keep on speaking, if you are sitting in the house, then you will not do anything and if you do some work, you will never speak sitting and working day and night.

Don’t think about what the world would think because the world is very strange, it makes fun of unsuccessful people and burns with successful people.

If you want success in life, then focus on your work and not on the things of the people.

Not right for you or not, but you definitely have to be successful for those people who want to see you fail.



लोग क्या कहेंगे Hindi Motivation Story

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