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In the old days, two Brahmin sons lived in a city, one was poor and the other was rich .. Both were neighbors .., poor Brahmins’ wife, taunts her daily, quarreled….
One day, on the day of Gyaras, the poor Brahmin’s son walks towards the forest, fed up with quarrels, thinking that a lion or some carnivorous creature will kill him and eat in the forest, that creature will be fed and he dies every day Will be freed from the hiccup …

When he goes to the forest, he sees a cave… He goes towards the cave…. There is a lion sleeping in the cave and a goose is guarded so that the lion does not get disturbed in its sleep ..

When Hans sees a Brahmin son from afar, he thinks of worrying … This Brahmin will come, the lion will wake up and kill it and eat it … I will feel guilty on the day of Gyaras … How to save it ???

He thinks of a solution and he praises the fate of the lion … O king of the forest … Arise, wake up … Your parts are open today, on the day of Gyaras, Vipradeva himself comes to your house, get up early and give them alms Depart… You will be saved… These days hardly come again in your life, you will get rid of animal vulva….

The lion wakes up, he feels right about the swan and puts the jewels of the prey in the feet of the Brahmin, the head shines, licking their feet with the tongue …

Hans indicates to the Brahmin, Vipradev pick up all these ornaments and go back to his home as soon as possible… This is Singh .. When will change the mind ..

The Brahmin understands this and returns home…. When the neighbor’s rich Brahmin’s wife comes to know about it, she also forcefully sends her husband to the next gyrus towards the same lion’s cave in the forest….

Now the guard of the lion turns … The new guard is “” crow “”

As the crows are trending, they think … great … the Brahmin came … wake up the lion …

If the lion sleeps, it will get angry, it will kill the Brahmin, then I will also have my hands, my stomach will be full…

This thinking he kaw .. kaw .. kaw … screams … he wakes up angry … he looks at the other Brahmin, he remembers the swan .. he understands, why the crow .. craving ..

He does not want to end the religion he had done earlier, at the behest of Hans ..
Still, lion is the king of the jungle …

He roars and tells the Brahmin .. “” Hans went to Udar Sarwar, and now Kag Bhai Pradhan … So go to Vipar Tharere, ,,, I Kineeni Jijman …,

That is, swans who were of good mindset, have gone to the lake of Uda, that is pond and now the crow is the watchman who is encouraging me to kill you..My brain turns around before that..O Brahmin, leave from here Go..Sher has not made a judge of anyone .. He was a swan who made me saint with a lion as well,

The second Brahmin understands the whole thing and immediately runs away towards his house after saving his life due to fear.

To say that goose and crow is nobody else ,,, is our character …

Someone is sad to see someone’s sorrow and thinks well of him ,,, he is a laugh …

And who wants to see someone sad, someone who does not bear happiness… that is a crow…

Those who want to live in harmony and brotherhood, they are of swan tendency ..

Those who have a tendency to rob and kill a duo by quarreling are of the tendency of the crows …

Identify the crows hiding around you, stay away from them … and support those who are of swan instincts .. In this, the welfare of all is hidden.

_Be happy and smile.
That is achievable
Who’s cool
He has it all !! _

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