Soya Bhagya Hindi Story-

One person was disappointed with life in every way. People called him by the name of Jinx. A learned Pandit told him that your fate is sleeping on a particular mountain, if you go and wake him up, luck will be with you. Just! Then what was it that he started to awaken his sleeping fortune. When a forest fell on the way, a lion caught him, he said brother! Do not eat me, I am going to awaken my soy fortune.

The lion said that if I get my fortune, I have a problem, ask him to solve it. My problem is that no matter how much I eat… my stomach does not fill up, the stomach keeps on burning with the flame of hunger all the time. Wretched said – Okay. Going forward he spent the night at a farmer’s house. On knowing that he is going to awaken his sleeping fortune, the farmer said that I also have a question .. Ask your fortune to come up with a solution… In my field, all the hard work I do, the yield will be good No. I am married to a girl, how will I be able to marry her under these circumstances?

Wretched said – Okay. And on going further, he became a guest at the house of a king. After the night meal, the king, on knowing that he was going to awaken his fortune, told him that the solution to my problem should also be to ask his fate. My problem is that no matter how wisely I run the state… In my state, anarchy prevails.

Jinx also said to him – Okay. Now he had reached the mountain. There he woke up his sleeping fortune – wake up! get up! I have come to wake you up His fate took an angdai and walked with him. His fate said – now I will always be with you.

Now he was no longer wretched but had become a lucky person and due to his luck, he knew the answers to all the questions. On the return journey, he became the guest of the same king and while saying the solution to the king’s problem, he said – Since you are a woman and a man in disguise, he manages the kingdom, that is why there is anarchy in the state. Marry with a worthy man, if both of you hold the state load then peace will be established in your state.

Queen said – You marry me and stay here. He got lucky and said while refusing wretchedness – no no! My fate has woken up. You marry someone else. Then the queen married her minister and started running the kingdom happily. He left from there after becoming a state guest for a few days.

While walking, he reached the farmer’s house and in response to his question told that in his field seven urns are buried with diamond jewels, after taking out that treasure, your land will become fertile and with that money you can also marry your daughter with pomp. Will you be able to

The farmer indulged and said to him that I am thankful to you, that you marry with my daughter. But the person who has become lucky said that or not! No! I have lucked out, marry your beautiful girl somewhere else. Seeing the proper groom, the farmer married his daughter and lived happily. A few days after the hospitality of the farmer, he reached the forest and asked the lion to solve his problem that if you eat a big fool, then these apps of yours will be quiet.

The lion pays him a big tribute and gets to know the full condition of the journey. After getting to know the whole thing, the lion said that after being fortunate, such a good and big two chances are lost! Who else would be more foolish than you? Only by eating you will my hunger pacify, and thus the person died as a lion.

The meaning of this is that if you do not have the discretion to test the right opportunity and the knowledge to seize the opportunity, then luck cannot come to you and do you any good.

_Be happy and smile.
That is achievable
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