Stainless Steel Power Free Hand Blender


(1 customer review)


(1 customer review)
  • 100% Stainless Steel Blade,ABS plstic material for extra durability.
  • Heavy Duty Gear System, Easy to Grip.
  • Convenient to use, Quick to Clean, Easy to Store.
  • By Using Power Free Hand Blander Not Only You Can Blend The Things But Also It Gives You An Exercise To Your Finger
  • Ideal Usage- Beating-Cream,etc. Liquidizing-Tomato soup,Dal etc. Churning- Milk shake,Lassi,Butter milk etc. Exclusive product & we assure you. You like this product


Stainless Steel Power Free Hand Blender for Egg & Cream Beater, Milkshake, Lassi, Butter Milk Mixer Maker Hand Blender

Effortless Manual Hand Blender, ideal for every household. Make life of people working in the kitchen very easy. Be it mixing of juices or ingredients or be it the making of buttermilk with Garbnoire latest hand blender life becomes very easy. The best part about this device is – its very powerful and yet uses no electricity. A totally eco-friendly solution for every home. A Must gift for your mother/wife/sister


1 review for Stainless Steel Power Free Hand Blender

  1. Avinash Sahu

    nice product

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