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Elements Wellness Melt Fat granules is a novel blend of active herbs that are known to promote metabolism as well as thermogenic activity (to create necessary warmth to increase metabolism of lipids / fat, carbohydrates) at cellular level.

The granules contain isphagula which is known to swell in the stomach giving a sense of fullness, thereby reducing tendency to over eat. Vrikshamla, Trikatu, Amalthas, Haritaki and Guggulu are known to promote metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

Synergistic presence of Tea catechins enhances this activity and published scientific studies have demonstrated catechins to promote fat metabolism( which is the reason for the product name).

Regular consumption of Elements Wellness Melt Fat granules hence effectively supports weight management. For best results of weight management, complement consumption of this product with a healthy life style, supportive diet and adequate exercise .



Usage levels

Adult One sachet (14g) once a day or as advised by the physician. Take it 10-20 minutes before breakfast in the morning. One can also take it in the evening before food. Disperse the contents of 1 sachet fully into a Glass of water about 250 to 300 ml and drink quickly the complete suspension. Follow up with another glass of water
Children Not to be given for children up to and below 10 years age. Consult a health care expert or a physician.
Pregnant Female Not to be given for pregnant women.
General Swirl contents of one sachet in a glass of water, drink entire contents, before breakfast on a daily basis. Follow with another glass of water. Consume Melt Fat for 3 months at a stretch. Recommend to give gap of about a week before beginning to repeat usage. Of the product without changing the diet and Lifestyle adopted. Do Not increase the usage as it may lead to excess laxation.

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