Identification Of a Young child Motivational Story

This is the story of a boy who is also very hardworking and courageous.He had a lot of difficulty in his life, yet he never gave up.
A boy lives in a village. Her name is Sagar. She is the son of a poor laborer. Her father is a lazy and doable person. He does nothing but eats sitting at home. Her mother is a gentle woman. She goes to work in the fields to work in the fields and She maintains her home by working as a laborer. Sagar is very keen to study since childhood, he wants that he too go to school and study like other children, but he is unable to go to school due to being a poor laborer’s boy. One day Sagar speaks to his mother I also have to go to school, I want to study too. Mother said to Sagar, son, we are poor laborers, we do not have enough money that I can teach you, your father does not do any work and I work in the fields He goes to work in both fields by saying that only the home is maintained. But on that day Sagar had the idea of ​​going to school.
He could not even sleep properly at night, he just keeps thinking about going to school, then when it is morning, there is a competition in his village in which children have to listen to poetry, story jokes etc. There are some prizes in that competition. Sagar also participates in this competition and recites a poem which is very good and is liked by all people. And he wins this competition. In this competition, one person said that those who try will never give up. He has a poem in this subject that tells that if we try, we can do everything we think. Sagar sat in his mind and thinking that he went to his house and showed his mother the reward, the mother was very happy. Sagar ho did not sleep at night. He is thinking about the poem which was told by a person in the competition. He keeps thinking at night and when it is morning, he speaks to his mother, mother, I will go to school today and will study. There is no money so that I can teach you, then Sagar speaks mother I will go to school in the morning. After coming from school, I will go to work in the fields. After the insistence of the ocean, the mother agrees Sagar sends the newspaper in the morning, then goes to school and after coming to school, goes to work with the mother in the fields. And he does his studies at night, it is a day-to-day job, Sagar does all the hard work in his studies and gets the first place in his class. His father, who is a lazy person and does not work for anything. It starts burning, do not teach it. He goes to work in the fields. Work with your mother and I do not have to do any work because when Sagar starts going to school, her mother says to Sagar’s father, sitting in the house and eating nothing does nothing. This quarrel begins every day when Sagar’s father asks for money from his mother. So they do not give and they say that I am working in the fields and driving home and you are sitting in the house. Some do not work. I earn money and you spend it sitting. The father of Sagar speaks: You do not give me money and send you to school to study this ocean. What will you do by writing it. Who should become this collector? Now this thing started happening every day, every day the father of Sagar’s mother Quarrel about Sagar’s studies, due to which Sagar starts to go to school very little and works in the field with his mother all day and does his studies at night. He has to become a collector. He has to show his father that he can do this. He wakes up all night and starts his studies. Morning paper reaches home, then goes to school and after coming to work with his mother in farming. Huh .
Either way Sagar completes his schooling, now it was the turn to go to college which he has to do in the city, then Sagar’s father again says don’t send it to the city, we are so poor, if you send it to the city, where will so much money come from But Sagar wants to study, he persuades his mother. The mother has some money which she gives to Sagar. Now Sagar goes to the city to do his college studies. And he completes his studies, he studies his college properly and also studies with his collector. When he has an exam, he is going through the road, then he gets hit by a car and He gets hurt on the head and starts bleeding from his head. Then he thinks that I should go for the exam or the hospital again thinks that I have reached here with so much trouble. I have to show my father my mother who can see my path. Thinking about fulfilling her dream, she goes to get the exam, Sagar goes to the exam and then goes to the hospital, in a few months, Sagar gets the result, he becomes a collector, he shows what he thought in childhood which He told his father to become a collector, he has completed it. When he reaches his mother’s village, mother is very happy to see Sagar and father is also very happy and starts feeling ashamed of himself. He said to Sagar, son, forgive me, I called you bad. I wanted to leave your studies. Forgive me. Thus Sagar started living a happy life with his mother Papa.

It is said that
The boat does not cross, fearing the waves, those who try are not defeated.
In this story, we get to learn that no matter how much trouble comes in our life, we should try once.
Never Give Up If Thomas Alva Edison had failed 9,999 times, he would not have had a bulb today.
Flight has to be filled even if you do not fall many times to fulfill the dream, even if you have to fight with God.

Don’t think about what the world would think because the world is very strange, it makes fun of unsuccessful people and burns with successful people.
Why do people think about what they are thinking about you? Life is yours, you know how to live.




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