Father and daughter’s dreams Hindi story

This is the story of a girl who lives in a small village whose life is very difficult in the name of poverty or money, yet she wants to fulfill her dream in any way because she thinks if I can think of it If I can do this, when this thing can come in my mind, then I will definitely finish it. She never gave up in her life.
There is a farmer living in a village who has four daughters and a son, he is very poor and he is not educated, his wife does farming with him. They are both not educated, yet they want to teach their children to teach. The farmer feels that he did not study in his childhood and now he has to do farming work. He does not have to do anything to my children. He wants to make something for his children so that he does not have to work in the field. There is no attachment in studies and they are still young but they have a daughter, whose name is Sunita, she likes to study since childhood, when she is 7 years old, she did her elementary classes from her village. But for some reason, he had to go to his maternal uncle for his further studies, he started his further studies in the fourth class in his maternal uncle village. When Sunita was in the fifth class, she got 95 marks in 100 in Hindi. His teacher called him and congratulated him in front of the whole class, then he thought that I could score so well in Hindi. So why not bring it to the rest of the subject when he understood that he has not studied in any subject other than Hindi.
Sunita works very hard and is the daughter of a poor person, so in addition to her studies, she also teaches to do farming work. She goes to school during the day and when she comes from school, she goes to work on the farm. And she does her homework at night, Sunita gets some books from outside to do her studies, she is weak in maths subject, then Sunita who is given in the homework class looks at it from the book and one day her maternal uncle said it While doing it, he sees and says that mathematics is not meant to be written by looking at the subject, it has to be understood. Sunita’s life took a new turn from that day and she never wrote mathematics from a copy or from a book. She always understands mathematics and tries to solve it. He started to like mathematics from that day. Whenever she completes her Navi class, when she is in 9th class, when her elder sister is about to get married, the people of her family asked Sunita’s father to marry Sunita too. She has no faith but Sunita wants to study. She wants to fulfill her father’s dream, how she tries to convince her father and finally accept her father, because Sunita’s father would have full faith in her daughter. . He wants to. That her daughter fulfill her dream and my dream by reading and writing. Sunita tops the entire village in her tenth grade, which makes her mother and father very happy. By no means does Sunita complete her higher secondary studies, now it’s Bari to go to the city to do college. So a problem arises in front of her and they have to go to the city and tell her family members not to send the girl to the city alone because the girl should not be sent to the city to study alone because she does not have much trouble because Sunita’s father is with her. Sunita’s father knows that her daughter will not do such a thing. Due to which he has to feel embarrassed Papa to send Sunita to the city. Then it is about the admission fee. At that time, his father does not have enough money to admit Sunita in a college. Then how come Sunita’s father asks for some money from a neighbor and then Sunita gets admission in Engineer College and Sunita starts living with one of her relatives Sunita’s life was very difficult but she never lost. Did not listen Still no one could break her confidence, in this way, she is doing her studies, even after such a difficult time in her life, she never thought that she should quit. She wants to fulfill her dream.

From this story, we learn that if we want to do something in our mind, then we can do it no matter how much trouble comes in our life, if we work hard, wholeheartedly, then one day Is found

It is said that if the faith is on ourselves, then God gives only those who are in luck, but if the trust is on himself, then he writes only what you want,

God helps those who help themselves

पिता ओर बेटी के सपने Hindi Story



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