Father and Daughter love Story

This story is about a father and daughter who love each other very much, where the father considers his daughter his angel, that daughter also considers her father no less than a king.
This story is about a small village in which a farmer lives named Suresh who has a daughter named Riya. Suresh loves his daughter very much. Riya wants to fulfill her every wish and Riya also loves her father very much. Riya does not matter if anyone says anything. Suresh loves Riya when she is younger. And tell Riya a good thing. Suresh considers his daughter a son only where the villagers distinguish between daughter and beto. And nurtures him just like a son. The people of the village say that if there was a son, then what is the fate of the daughter, if not today, otherwise tomorrow her in-laws will leave. Then Suresh says my daughter is the same as my son. Only a father can tell what a daughter is to a father. Suresh does not have to listen because of Riya, daughter is in-laws will go. If she runs away with someone, she will spoil the name of the family, the daughter cannot do anything, if she had a son, her mother and father would have to support their old age and do not know what. But Suresh considers his daughter like a son, he never discriminates between daughter and son. Suresh always opposes the talk of the people that the daughter should not discriminate between the son, the work that the son can do, the daughter can also do it, but people do not believe. Suresh wants to make his daughter a collector by reading and writing, because he wants to tell people that if the daughter is also given the rights from the son. So daughters can also illuminate the names of their families.

There is a matter of one day when Riya is studying in school, Riya’s teacher makes a picnic program and all the children have to go to it. When Riya told her father that Papa, I too have to go for a picnic, Riya’s family members believe that it is not right to send the girl outside, and the neighbors also believe that the girl should not be sent out. But Suresh has full confidence in his daughter that his daughter will not do any wrong thing that would embarrass her father. Suresh ignores the people and sends his daughter for a picnic. Riya is very happy. And speaks to your father, Papa is the only one who understands me love you papa.
This is true, a daughter has a father who can understand her.
Riya goes to picnic and has a lot of fun Riya is very fast in studies and Riya wants to fulfill her father’s dream which Papa has told people that I will make my daughter a collector. So Riya also wants to fulfill her father’s dream at any cost. Riya finishes her high school in her village. And one has to go to another village to do further studies. Then people and family say that the girl is not teaching so much and what will be made by studying, after all, food will be prepared in her in-laws. But Suresh refuses, she sends Riya to study in another village, Riya tops the 12th class. Papa is very happy, he is proud of his daughter. Now Riya has to go to the city to do her further studies. Those who do not approve of Riya’s family get angry and speak to Suresh, you are sending your daughter out alone to the city. Till date, none of the girls in our family have gone out, they have not read as much as they have now, they will not go to the city to study.
Riya is a member of her family who is so educated she does not have any further education in her family. But Riya wants to do her further studies.
Riya goes to her father and says, Papa, you believe me or not, till today you have supported me. Riya speaks to her father, father says one thing. Papa says yes son, Riya speaks Papa how much do you believe in me?
Then the father says, son, this is something to ask, I believe in you more than myself, you are my angel, my princess. Riya says Papa, you believe in me so much. Papa, my angel very much Riya says, Father, I have to study further, I have to fulfill your dream. You only say that my daughter is my son who will illuminate my name, father, you have supported me till today. Father will give it even further I will do anything to fulfill your dream father Will study diligently. After hearing all this, Suresh starts crying and hugs Riya and says, my daughter Rani you will definitely read. You will definitely fulfill your father’s dream.
And Suresh agrees to send Riya to the city, he does not care about the people and sends Riya to study further.
Riya studies a lot by going to the city, she wants to fulfill her father’s dream in any case. And Riya does this; Riya becomes a collector and goes to her village. Papa is very happy to see his daughter as a collector. And speak. I am proud of you my angel You fulfilled the dream I had dreamed of. And hugs his daughter. The people of the village realize their mistake that if the daughters are also given a chance, they too can illuminate the name of the family. Daughters can also name themselves in the world
At the end of this story, I want to say this much that the daughter also has some dreams, she also wants to see the whole world, so why the daughter is not given the opportunity to study and fulfill her dream.
The daughter also wants people to believe in her too. Understand her words. One thing is true, there is a father who understands his daughter and wants to fulfill her every wish. Puts his daughter like a princess

What a father has said so much, my son is my son until he finds a wife and my daughter is my daughter till then my life will not end.
The one who cries and cries is the father and the one who cries and cries himself is the mother.
Only a daughter can tell what a father is to a daughter

I want to say some lines to my father
I seek the image of my father and I feel disappointed because no one can be like my father.
Who himself is in the sun and never lets me get out in the sun. He is the father who loves me more than myself.

My identity is my father, my happiness is my father, who is one in millions, he is my life, my father
I love you papa

Writer – Sarita


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