Akal Shop  Story

One was Raunak. The form as the name. Nobody could compete with him even in wisdom. One day he wrote in big letters outside the house – ‘Here wisdom is sold.’ His house was in the beach market. Every visitor would pass by there. Everyone would see the board, laugh and move on. Raunak was confident that his shop would one day run. One day the son of a rich Mahajan passed from there. Seeing the shop, he could not stay away from it. He went inside and asked Raunak- ‘What intelligence is available here and what is its value? ‘ He said- ‘It depends on how much money you can spend on it.’ Gampu took one rupee out of his pocket and asked- ‘What intelligence will you get for this rupee and how much?’ ‘Brother, you can save one lakh rupees with the wisdom of one rupee.’ Gampu gave one rupee. In return, Raunak wrote on a paper, “It is foolish to stand where two men are fighting.” Gampu reached home and showed his father the paper. When the miserly father read the paper, he became enraged with anger. He reached the shop of Akal by cursing Gampu. Throwing the paper slip in front of Raunak shouted – ‘Return the money that my son gave you.’ Raunak said- ‘Okay, I will return. But the condition is that your son will never follow my advice. Raunak returned the rupee on the promise of the stingy Mahajan. The king of that city had two queens. One day the king along with his queens passed by the jeweler market. Both queens liked a diamond necklace. Both of them thought- ‘After reaching the palace, send your handmaid and get the necklace.’ Coincidentally, both the marines reached the same time to defeat. The elder queen’s maid said- ‘I serve the elder queen, so I will take the necklace’ Second quote – ‘But the king loves the little queen more, so I have the right to defeat.’ Gampu was standing near the same shop. He saw the maidens fighting. Both the maidens said- ‘They will complain to their queens’. When both of them were leaving without judgment, they saw Gampu. She said – you are a witness to what happened here. The maids complained to the queen and the queens complained to the king. The king took news of the maidens. The maidens said- ‘Ask Gampu he was present there.’ The king said- ‘Call Gampu for testimony, the quarrel will be settled tomorrow.’ Gampu is surprised here, father upset. Both finally reached the shop of wisdom. Apologies and help too. Raunak said- ‘I will help but now what I will give you is worth five thousand rupees. Would have done anything out of desperation? Five thousand given the scourge of the miserly father. Raunak was wise that at the time of testimony Gampu should pretend to madness and not say anything against the maidens. The next day Gampu reached the court. Started doing crazy things. The king sent him back and said- ‘Can not trust the testimony of the lunatic.’ In the absence of testimony, the king ordered- ‘Both the queens should punish their maids, because it is very difficult to find out who started the quarrel.’ The elder queen was very happy. Choti got very angry. When Gampu finds out that the younger queen is angry with him, he again becomes upset for his safety. Then a shop of wisdom arrived. Raunak said- ‘This time the cost of a fortune is ten thousand rupees.’ Taking money, he said – ‘There is only one way, you buy that necklace and give it to the little queen as a gift.’ Gampu came in can. Said- ‘Hey, how can this happen? Its price is one lakh rupees. Raunak said- ‘Didn’t you say on that day when you came for the first time that you can save one lakh rupees from the wisdom of one rupee.’ Here Gampu had to buy the necklace and gifted it, and Akal’s shop went on. Stingy Mahajan was beheaded.

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